The Essential Features of an E-Commerce Website

While setting up an e-commerce website, developers need to keep several features in mind. Instead of filling your website with futile features, it’s important to figure out the important ones that your website truly requires. The article focuses on those features that are indispensable parts of every e-commerce site.

Search Box

An easily visible search box allows the users to find their required products within first few seconds. When you offer lots of products through a single platform, it’s important to use a search box. It is specifically helpful for the customers who want to find the required product from your store instead of browsing the inventory. Giving it a different color in contrast to the background color scheme of your website is the best way to draw visitors’ attention towards it.

Also, consider implementing ‘drop-down list’ to display the search results with search suggestions and past searches. It may have other features like auto complete, spelling checker and search suggestions. Depending on your business and your business goal, a reliable web development company determines the list of features essential for your search box. Make sure, instead of showing zero results against a searched term, your search box should return with a suggestion.

Featured Products

By presenting the featured products at the homepage, you can put the most selling products, sales offers in the picture, so that visitors may check them quickly. It is one of the best ways to promote your brand.

Related Product

Through this feature, you can display similar kind of products to your visitors and fascinate the visitors towards those products as well. You must have come across the commonly used term “the customers who have bought this also viewed these items”, developers merge this feature for encouraging the visitors to buy more than one product at once. This is a great way to make your visitors aware of other products available on your website.

Easy Navigation System

Navigation is one of the most significant parts of a website’s design. A good navigation system allows the new visitors in finding the needed item easily; poor navigation feature may irritate them and eventually compel them to abandon your website. Once a visitor leaves the page possibly he wouldn’t come back to your site henceforth. The web development company helps in creating best user experience besides developing the best user interface for your website.

When you don’t have the right knowledge about an e-commerce web development strategy and techniques it’s practical to seek the help of professional e-commerce website developer. The developers must know the most recent trend of the e-commerce world and digital marketing niche, as it’s important to structure the website in compliant to the prevalent trend to make it search engine friendly.

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